Repairs to Spring Garden Cemetery

Repairs to Spring Garden Cemetery

by Jim Stratman, Reporter


New information on Henderson’s efforts to repair gravestones after vandals destroyed them.

Renovations at the Spring Garden Cemetery in Henderson were on going, but now those renovations need repairs.

“A lot of work and a lot of time had been put into the renovation of Spring Garden,”Ken Christopher, President of Henderson War Memorial Foundation, explained. “A guy from the city of Henderson even went to a class to learn how to renovate the cemetery. Unfortunately within the last couple of weeks, vandals have gone into the cemetery which is gated, so they got in by hook or by crook I guess. And they actually broke many of the headstones in half and just left them.”

55 years of neglect and the renovation was supposed to bring this cemetery back to life, but this latest incident has served as a huge set back.

“It took some dedicated people with a true interest in Henderson and Henderson at heart to put that cemetery back to where it was presentable and a historic site as opposed to just a piece of land out there that really was kind of meaningless,” Christopher said.

Officials are now looking to raise money to repair the broken headstones and bring people back to the visit this piece of history.

“The first time around, people, once we had the dedication the cemetery was open, it was visited quite a bit and I hope that happens again,” Christopher explained.

Donations will be taken through a fund set up by the War Memorial Foundation.