Five Year Old Understands the Meaning of the Crosses

Five Year Old Understands the Meaning of the Crosses

Good morning. I just had an “Oh Wow” moment that I just had to share with you both. I am still in such shock!! Our grandson is 5 years old and attends Thelma Johnson Learning Center. He is a very rowdy 5 year old and all too often his Mom gets a message from the teacher that Braxton is not having a good day and is not following directions, not listening or something to that effect. Today our daughter got a message that was a total surprise and she shared it with her Dad & I.

We have taken Braxton to Central Park to the Memorial Crosses and explained to him the meaning of them, we have been there at Sunset when the gentleman comes and plays Taps on his bugle.

This morning, Braxton was in the art center in his class room and drew a picture. He took it to his teacher, Ms. Heather and told her, Look it’s the veterans memorial downtown for the ones that died. Elizabeth(our daughter) went on to say in her text message that when they passed Central Park this morning he said, look Mom, it’s the crosses, me & Papaw (Mike) went to, we listen to the guy play the song at the flag. I am literally typing this with tears in my eyes and cold chills running up and down my arms right now! How many adults stop and think about the meaning and importance of these crosses! For this 5 year old that we think is not paying attention to anything you are telling him to pick up on all of this and to be able to pass it along so well! I am in awe and it’s not just because he is my grandson! I am attaching a picture of the artwork and artist for you as well.

I just had to share this with you all, I just thought it was too awesome not to!

Beth Austin, Braxton’s Grandmother shared this with us.